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We want to share who are the founders of Eco Wellness & Travel

Rebeca is a great professional in the field of communication such as advertising and design, with tourism knowledge.


She is a loving mother and wife, a lover of pets, especially cats, and is an enthusiast of the sea.


She shares her time between work, family, and her own interests and passions.


Rebeca is a graphic artist, always looking for the meaning and essence of the experiences that are created at EWT, she uses her empathy to mark the route in each of the programs we offer.


Within her virtues we can mention that she is a humble, honest, kind, grateful, responsible person, she is methodical and organized, and she has a lot of creativity and imagination.

Laura is passionate about life, she believes in karma and tries to help in whatever way she can, this is her IKIGAI. She is a dog lover, she is a wife, daughter, sister, and friend.


Her empathy makes her participate in multiple activities within which her passion for travel stands out, and for the promotion of well-being, sharing personal experiences and knowledge. She loves to learn and belongs to various groups where she can grow as a person, contribute, and support.


She tries to maintain a balanced lifestyle, between family, work, personal time, and passions. She is a sensitive, kind, respectful, honest, and transparent girl and extremely persistent.


She is a tourism professional, specializing in wellness tourism, with experience in product design and tourism planning, for more than 20 years. She continuously prepares herself to provide excellent customer service, with personalized details.

Our passion joins us. For that reason, in 2014 we started this challenge of putting our knowledge and experience to the service of travelers.

We believe that wellness experiences in Costa Rica can make positive changes. Let's build it together!

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“One day can change your whole life"

All of us would like to be healthier, to look better, and to live well both physically and spiritually.

Living well is almost the entire world’s shared dream.

As everything that is precious to us has been honored with a special day, why is it that we don’t have a special global day dedicated to the only thing which is really valuable to all of us, that is, living well? We can now answer this question by saying “it now exists”. This special day is called Global Wellness Day.

With the slogan “One day can change your whole life,” we celebrate Global Wellness Day on the second Saturday of June every year as an international day.

Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day, a social project dedicated to living well. The purpose of Global Wellness Day is to ask the question, even if for just one day, “How can I live a healthier and better life?”, to direct the thoughts of both individuals and society towards “living well” and to raise awareness.

The main aims of the day are:

  • To recognize the value of our lives
  • To pause and think, even if for just one day of the year
  • To be free from the stress of everyday city life and bad habits
  • To make peace with ourselves
  • To raise awareness about living well and increase motivation, not just for today, but for the remaining 364 days of the year


First celebrated in 2012, Global Wellness Day was established in Turkey as the “first” day dedicated to living well, and has now been accepted worldwide. Reflecting its 10 years of success, on June 12, 2021, Global Wellness Day was celebrated globally with a 12-Hour Free Livestream Celebration which started in New Zealand and ended in Los Angeles, once again drawing attention to the importance of “living well”. Furthermore, Global Wellness Day scored huge success across the globe with both physical and online activities such as 12-hours of complimentary virtual classes in Thailand, 5-hour livestream of wellness talks in Malaysia and Jamaica, hiking and dancing in Barbados, pilates and yoga in Hungary, BoxHIIT and Zumba in New Zealand, sound meditation and aromatherapy workshops in Puerto Rico and much more.

To get one step closer towards living well, let our manifesto be your starting point.


The manifesto

Do you want  to know more information and join? Check the website

Costa Rica since 2015, is part of this amazing movement. Through the years the Global Wellness Day Ambassador of Costa Rica, Laura Barrantes Requeno has promoted this initiative around the country, building solid alliances with government institutions, companies, and people specially in the tourism sector.

Nowadays, Global Wellness Day Costa Rica is celebrated all over the country, thanks to the country's team support.

At Eco Wellness & Travel, GWD is an important celebration because it is part of our philosophy and reflects how we design our travel products, as a travel agency, for a real wellness experience in Costa Rica. 

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Each individual needs to create a mind-body-spirit balance to continue being productive in your personal & professional life. The secret is to restore this balance in a completely neutral environment, where you can find yourself and remember how important it is to have a good quality of life.

Nowadays, balance between the job, the family, the mental and physical health are having a priority for people. In this way, the wellness travel experiences give you a great opportunity to revitalize, restore, and renew your energy.

Eco Wellness as the leading wellness travel agency in Costa Rica, offers you experiences to achieve these goals.

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Costa Rica, 2023

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