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“One day, can change your whole life.”

Global Wellness Day is a single day, as the name suggests. However, this social movement is an integrated philosophy, proving that we can live each day like Global Wellness Day.
As part of the movement, you can organize brand-specific celebration rituals throughout the year within the framework of this idea.

"Adopting the Philosophy”

• GWD is a social movement without any commercial purposes. Therefore, the brands to provide support to GWD cannot have any commercial profit from the process.
• GWD is a timeless, placeless social responsibility activity - entirely independent from age segment and income status. Everyone has the right to live well. So the doors of GWD are open to everyone.
• GWD is the world’s first special day branded for the sole purpose of wellness. There is a systematic Branding and Visual Identity Guideline of GWD. In order to keep our message consistent and our team united, it is important that you follow the visual standards indicated on the guide as you support GWD.
• GWD is also the freedom, be creative about ways to practice wellness that you may discover within your own brand.


1- Walk for an hour.
2- Drink more water.
3- Don’t use plastic bottles.
4- Eat organic foods.
5- Do a good deed.
6- Have a family dinner.
7- Sleep at 10:00 PM.








 GWD CR Ambassador